What is it made of?

The main ingredient in our glitters is Cellulose. If this sounds familiar then think back to biology classes in school.

Cellulose is an important structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants, and it's the most abundant organic polymer on earth.

Cellulose is biodegradable, and digestible as it is what is commonly referred to also as 'dietary fibre'!

I want to wear it on my lips, what if I swallow some?

Although we wouldn't recommend eating the product, as no one will get to appreciate your sparkly innards, it's perfectly safe if you accidentally invest some of the product.

As it has been designed to break down, it will actually break down in digestion and will cause you no harm on the way through.

I have sensitive skin, could I use them?

We would recommend trying out with a 5ml size to test before placing a larger order, although our product is completely hypoallergenic, and made up of organic materials, some people may have sensitivity to certain organic ingredients.

We would suggest that although they are kinder to the skin, it is always best to trial any new product in the case of sensitive skin or eyes.

We would recommend taking care when applying around the eye area, if some does get into your eye wash with water to be on the safe side.

How shall I apply it?

We sell glue in our store also that is a water based product, this glue comes in a bottle with a lid so you can brush it straight onto the skin, or for more precise application you can use a gel liner make up brush for direct flicks and patterns.

If you are applying it to the lips you can also dab it on top of freshly applied lipstick, although we personally prefer to use the glue on the lips also, brushing it over dried matte lipstick.

How do I take it off?

We use an oil based make up remover, but our favourite is good old fashioned coconut oil.

The oil will help breakdown the glue and make it easier to remove, it will also leave your skin softer, and contains anti-bacterial qualities.

Are these products vegan/ cruelty free?

Cruelty free products are very important for us here, Millie Dollar has been a vegan herself also for 6 years, so we have worked hard to create a range that is cruelty free, vegan, and which meets the EU cosmetic approval rating.

With plans to expand the range, we spend a lot of time researching, talking to companies, and referencing to make sure we stick by our ethos or using cruelty free products, as it upsets us when we see the cruelty free label being used to refer to products which are not cruelty free, we feel that this is misleading to customers, and although it may raise our overheads, or take us longer to source items, we believe they will be worth the wait.