The Glitter Formally Known As.....


A deep velvety purple, making it purple rain all over your skin.
Don't be a throwback to 1999, get up to date with this beautiful eye catching purple, stop asking your crush "If I Was Your Girlfriend" and instead you make them want that Kiss.
This sparkle is sure to make you be The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.

Available in 5ml, 13ml, or 16ml in our glass vials, with aluminium screw top lid.
We use glass as it makes sure the glitter doesn't stick to the inside of the packaging ensuring you get every last drop, and a screw top lid to avoid spillages and glitter grief.

This glitter is cut at 0.008 hex size, perfect for adding shimmer to lips, lids, or wherever else takes your fancy!

The Glitter Science:
Biodegradable base film
Certified as industrially compostable
OK Compost Home certified
Suitable for anaerobic digestion
Marine and waste water biodegradable
Renewable sourced raw materials
Non GM ingredients
Highly reflective and precision cut glitter

Shipping from £2.99 for UK orders, £3.99 for outside the UK.