The biggest lashes to date! Named after the most fabulous Drag Queen and mother of filth, Divine!
Make out like it's the 60's, and you finally did get those cha-cha heels!
Set against Shocking! pink inside our Never Lose a Lash case!

The case clips closed so you know your lashes are safe, and we recommend keeping it nearby before you remove your lashes to store them wisely.
Selected for use in photoshoots and onstage, these lashes are striking, eye-catching, and stage grade.

The lashes are made of synthetic silk, so they contain no animal derivatives making them 100% vegan and cruelty free.
Hand tied, ethically made, and 3D affect, these lightweight lashes won't weigh down your eyes, or your conscience.
Can be worn on up to 30 occasions if looked after, and the case can also be repurposed for many other items.

Glue not included.